Zoeller Engineered Products

Zoeller® Company was founded in 1939 by August “Pop” Zoeller and is one of the oldest professional U.S. pump manufacturers. Zoeller has made it a priority to achieve the highest of quality standards in order to offer pumping solutions that will provide years of service.

Liberty Pumps Releases Their New Engineered Products Line of Pumps

Liberty  is a leading U.S. manufacturer with over 50 years of experience. This year they continue to impress with the addition of their Engineered Products line to the commercial, municipal and industrial markets.

Did you know the Houston Zoo is undergoing the most substantial improvement in its history?

2022 will mark the 100th anniversary of the Houston Zoo and with it they plan to completely overhaul their exhibit. The "Heart of the Zoo" project is part of this year's transformation which includes the "Texas Wetlands" habitat that features bald eagles, turtles, alligators, and whooping cranes.

We were able to be a part of this transformation with...

SPCO Houston Bridge Crane Installation

This week a new 10 Ton Bridge Crane was installed at the Houston facility.


Does your lift station meet TCEQ code?


The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality sets rules and guidelines for stations in the state of Texas. They state that a ’s alarm system “must transmit alarm conditions through use of an auto-dialer system” and that “at a minimum, the alarm system must automatically activate to give warnings...

New Dallas flood control pump station during a Smith Pump flow test

Flood protection is important when it rains in an area prone to flooding.  The City of Dallas Able #3 will help to protect from flooding.  This video shows Smith Pump Company conducting performance testing of the Flowserve concrete volute pump at the Able Pump Station.

Assembly of a Large Vertical Mixed Flow Turbine Pump

Assembly the last of ten large vertical mixed flow vertical turbine pumps.