Remanufacturing Large Pumps


Here at Smith Pump Company we repair pumps of all sizes. At 48" in diameter this component would fall on the large side. This below-grade discharge elbow belongs to a vertical turbine pump being used in a raw water application and weighs over 3,550 pounds!
The 48" Diameter Discharge Elbow Mounted
In CNC Our Horizontal Boring Mill
The repair process consists of pad welding and machining the registers on the top and bottom of the pipe to ensure that they are concentric with each other and with the bearing bore. The flange faces will also be inspected to ensure that they are parallel and will be corrected if skewed.
These repairs and checks are critical when refurbishing vertical turbine pumps! Even the smallest misalignment can cause undue wear and decrease Mean Time Between Repairs. Smith Pump Company uses its diverse set of capabilities to keep your pumps where they belong: pumping water at your station!
Article by Cameron Cox - Smith Pump Company Project Manager

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