FOGRod - The Ideal Wastewater Level Sensor


The FOGRod is a wastewater level sensor manufactured by Wastewater Level. Unlike most level sensors it has no moving parts, sensors or electronics in the wet well. 

The FOGRod hangs in a wet well much like a float switch or ultrasonic transducer and connects to a Level Indicator Transducer (LIT) which mounts in your control panel. The LIT has 10 relays that correspond to 10 contacts on the FOGRod. Utilizing the LIT you can pick which contacts you want to use. 
Level Indicator Transmitter - LIT
The advantage of the FOGRod, unlike float switches and other level transmitters is that it does not get tangled up or stuck in a position to transmit a false reading. In high grease applications where most level transmitters struggle, the FOGRod shines.
Lift Station With High Grease - Floats Vs FOGRod
If grease does build up and cover the contact set to call for the lead pump, the level would continue to rise and call for the pump at the next contact. The LIT would then signal a warning that the FOGRod requires cleaning. All FOGRods are provided with a mounting bracket that incorporates a cleaning pad for easy cleaning. Simply pull the FOGRod through the hole on the bracket and its ready to be reinstalled.
Mounting Bracket
With Cleaning Pad 
Easy to clean

Rags are another issue plaguing lift station operation today. FOGRods include a patented technology by offseting the contacts 120 degrees, making it less likely to short two contacts in a row. In addition, if two contacts are activated too quickly the LIT will detect this and start a 3-minute timer that stops all of the higher level relays from activating until the end of the timer period. This prevents short cycling that could damage your pump.  The LIT then latches in an alarm calling for cleaning.

FOGRod Toughness

Wastewater Level builds a durable product and offer the FOGRod with a 10 year warranty. Just take a look at the video above for a demonstration of their toughness.

Check out Wastewater Level's website for additional information on the FOGRod!

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