Flowserve: Solid Extruder Bushing

Flowserve Solid Extruder Bushing - Pump Accessory

Flowserve has manufactured a pump accessory that helps provide the seal with cleaner fluid by redirecting and preventing solids from entering the stuffing box. Mechanical Seals operate best when the fluid is clean and free of abrasive solids. The Solid Extruder Bushing is a simple accessory that can be added to most pumps and improve the longevity of your mechanical seals. 

Solid Extruder Bushing
  • The SEB solids excluder bushing redirects the movement of solids out of the stuffing box and replaces the solids with clean fluid providing a cleaner environment for operation of the mechanical seal.
  • Recirculation of fluid also acts to provide cooling to the mechanical seal.
  • Operation Benefit — flush rates can be reduced to as little as 0.75 L/h for each mm of shaft diameter (5 g/h for each inch of shaft diameter)
  • PTFE construction promotes compatibility within chemical, pharmaceutical and paper stock applications. Available abrasion resistant PEEK construction offers longevity in most mining and mineral ore processing applications.
  • Large circulating grooves reduce plugging of the solids media within the SEB bushing.
  • Two designs are offered to maximize performance within even the most confined stuffing boxes.


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