Vertical Turbine Suction Barrel Design and Installation

    At Smith Pump Company, Inc. we design and fabricate Vertical Turbine suction barrels in house. A suction barrel provides a wet well environment that aids the pump in meeting flow characteristic recommendations established by the Hydraulic Institute.


Vertical Turbine Suction Barrel


    Our established guidelines for leveling of the barrel's top flange is to have a minimal acceptable slope of 0.001 inches per foot in any direction. During the initial installation process, the contractor will set the barrels plumb to 0.015 inches per foot along the entire length of the barrel. Once positioned plumb, the barrel must be secured and held plumb throughout the back filling operation. In order to achieve the final level tolerances, we design and build our suction barrels with an adjustable top flange that can be field leveled and welded after installation.

    Let us know if you have any questions about our suction barrels!


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