Pioneer Pump

Pioneer Pump

Pioneer Pump is a pump manufacturer with leading-edge hydraulic engineering. They produce centrifugal and self-priming pumps for the water and waste water industry that are designed to meet your needs with a wide range of flows and heads.

Pioneer Pumps is a relatively young company which began in 1998 but was created by people with a vast amount of knowledge in the pump industry and knew where to begin. They grew quickly and in 2007 expanded their facilities to a 43,000 square foot building. Today Pioneer has over 90,000 square feet of space in Oregon as well as locations in the UK, South Africa and Australia.

Building pumps to the highest quality standard is an important aspect of their process. Pioneer Pump builds their pumps to rigorous standards with premium materials. The use of high-quality materials such as ductile iron volutes, CA6NM stainless steel impellers and 17-4 PH stainless steel shafts allows them to manufacturer pumps that perform well and last long. With machining and testing facilities in house, they can assure their products are built to the highest standards.

Engine Driven Trailer Mounted Pump
Standard Centrifugal Solids Handling Pump
Self-Priming Solids Handling Pump
Vacuum Assisted Self-Priming Pump
Vortex Series Self-Priming Pumps
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