The City of Laredo Water Museum

Above image from Laredo Water Museum website.
The City of Laredo Water Museum
         There is a gem of a museum in south Texas that demonstrates how our way of life is tied to having an ample source of potable water.  The Laredo Water Museum exemplifies our dependency on this fragile resource.

The museum is one of only three water museums in the state of Texas. Here visitors can learn about the cleaning process of water from the Rio Grande River before it is distributed for use. Along with the cleaning process you will also learn about the history and ecology of the river.

Mr. Tony Moreno – Water Superintendent City of Laredo and Mr. David Olazaba – Smith Pump Company stand at an exhibit of an actual wooden water pipe found within the city limits.  Built like a barrel, the water pipe consists of wooden staves and metal hoops.  This 1920s 20-inch wooden pipe was uncovered in 1995.
20" Wooden Water Pipe 1920
Unearthed in March of 1995 on Springfield Rd. in Laredo, Texas
We have come to rely on having plenty of potable water at the tap when in fact water is one of our most vulnerable resources.
Opened on May 30, 2017 the water museum defines the scarcity of water.  It overlooks the City’s Jefferson water treatment plant which is one of two water treatment plants for the City.

Laredo Water Museum website:

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