Planning for the Future - Smith Pump Manager's Retreat

Smith Pump Company
Managers Retreat
Strategic Planning

I’m not sure how other companies make their strategic decisions, but at Smith Pump a big part of our strategic planning is fleshed out at the Manager Retreat.


The Manager Retreat sounds like some place far away.  Maybe at a posh resort.  I can picture palm trees, and beaches.  Maybe there is a golf course nearby.  Do you have the picture?  Wanna go?

What you think we are doing...

Okay, now let me paint a more realistic picture.  Think of a small stuffy cramped room away from work (but not too far).  We’ve turned off our phones and logged on to the Smith Pump server.  There isn’t enough bandwidth through the wireless internet connection to do much computer work.  However, there is this huge document called the Business Plan to complete.  In one day mind you!

What we are really doing...

What do we discuss? 

·         We talk about how to make Smith Pump a better place to work

·         We talk about how to make us better at what we do, and want to do.

·         Discussions revolve around what we do well, and could do better. 

·         It’s a day of many ideas to consider. 

“Success is 20% skills and 80% strategy.
You might know how to succeed, but more importantly,
what’s your
plan to succeed?”

-Jim Rohn

History tells me that we will only put into practice just a few of these ideas.  Which ones will make it?  Time will tell. 

Today was our manager meeting, and might be our best to date.  It was a day of very stimulating discussions.   More opportunities to improve then we can ever adopt.  The best part… a strong team ready to do teamwork.  Good job ya’ll! 

I’m not sure the name
of our meeting room
works though…


What do you think?


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