Does your lift station meet TCEQ code?


The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality sets rules and guidelines for stations in the state of Texas. They state that a ’s alarm system “must transmit alarm conditions through use of an auto-dialer system” and that “at a minimum, the alarm system must automatically activate to give warnings for power outages, failures and levels.”

OmniSite offers state of the art cellular remote monitoring devices that meet these requirements while being both affordable and user friendly.

Their GuardDog web-based software is now available on both apple and android devices and allows you to manage your systems, easily view alarms and analyze trends for critical machinery & equipment. OmniSite systems are trusted by over 1,900 government utilities and municipal organizations across the U.S. and Canada.

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OmniSite Crystal Ball

OmniSite Crystal Ball


OmniSite XR50

OmniSite XR50


OmniSite OmniBeacon 

OmniSite Omnibeacon


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