At Smith Pump Company We Strive to Exceed Customer Satisfaction

It was Friday, Jan. 10, 2020, 10:35PM when we received an emergency call from the City of Celina. They called to let us know they were in an emergency situation at their Shawnee Lift Station. The pumps were not coming back on after they pumped down the wet well. The panel could operate the pumps manually, but the city was in dire need to fix the situation since the wet well was filling up rapidly and they could not continue to manually operate it overnight.


The entire North Texas area was under a severe thunderstorm and Tornado warning that extended from Fort Worth north eastward towards the Celina area. At the time of the call, weather sirens were already sounding in Fort Worth, and wind rotations were sighted in areas between Dallas and Fort Worth. The rain and warnings were starting to escalate in Celina, an hour drive away.


After discussing the situation with the customer, Roger Wagstaff our Service Manager, was contacted to inform him of the situation. Roger took over and made arrangements to contact the customer and assess the situation.


It was well after midnight when Roger began travelling to Celina, an hour away, through the storm and rain to meet with a city worker to inspect the lift station. He found that the float hanger was not properly secured, and the float switches were not working correctly. After checking all floats, he found he could do a quick bypass to keep the pumps operating properly, but they needed new floats and a float hanger as soon as possible.


Roger spent about 45min on site and 2 hours driving. The storm was still going on during this service call. The temperature started dropping in the area at the same time as this service call. They received, in some parts of the Metroplex, ¼-2” of snow by morning.


Roger went the extra step to take care of the customer, and in his words, “that is just what we do at Smith Pump Company”. At Smith Pump Company we strive to exceed customer satisfaction and the actions of Roger embody what we stand for.


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