SJE Rhombus :: Switch-Sensor Float, 30'cord, w/Weight, Normally Closed, M/N: 30SWE-N.C., 1002173

$ 74.21


  • Suitable for use with intrinsically safe circuits.
  • Not sensitive to rotation. n Control differential of .5 inches (1 cm) above or below horizontal.
  • UL Listed for use in non-potable water and sewage.
  • CSA Certified.
  • Five-year limited warranty


CABLE: flexible 18 gauge, 2 conductor (UL, CSA) SJOW, water-resistant (CPE) jacket

FLOAT: 3.38 inch diameter x 4.55 inch long (8.58 cm x 11.56 cm), high impact, corrosion resistant, PVC housing for use in sewage and non-potable water up to 140o F (60o C)

MAXIMUM WATER DEPTH: 30 feet (9 meters), 13 psi

MERCURY SWITCH: single pole, single throw, mercury-to-mercury contacts, hermetically sealed in a steel capsule and epoxy sealed in the float housing

ELECTRICAL DATA: 5 amp 120-/230 VAC, 50/60 Hz