SJE Rhombus :: Switch-Junior Super Single, Pump Down 10' Cord W/O Plug, M/N: 10JSD-WOP, 1001916

$ 64.16


  • Switch is a mercury-activated, wide angle switch designed for direct control of pumps up to 1/2 HP at 120 VAC and 1 HP at 230 VAC in non-potable water and sewage applications.
  • Although this switch is not sensitive to rotation, it is affected by turbulence and should be mounted in a non-turbulent location.
  • Switch is not recommended for use with motor contactors or relays because the motor contactor or relay may experience chattering.  
  • Switch would operate more efficiently in these installations.
  • UL Recognized for use in non-potable water and sewage.
  • CSA Certified.
  • Three-year limited warranty.


MERCURY SWITCH: 120 or 230 VAC piggy-back plug, mercury activated, wide-angle switch designed

CABLE:10 ft flexible 16 gauge cord, 2 conductor (UL,CSA) SJOW, water-resistant (CPE) jacket



Maximum Pump Running Current:13 amps maximum 120 VAC and 8 amps 230 VAC

Maximum Pump Starting Current:direct control of pumps up to 1/2 HP at 120 VAC and 1 HP at 230 VAC

Adjustable pumping range:6.5 to 19 inches